Quality Index Rating on Every Product from Allmakes 4x4

Allmakes 4x4 are the only wholesaler to place a quality index rating on every product that we stock.

This is all part of our desire for transparency in the way we manage our quality and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.


How do we calculate the index?

Allmakes 4x4 are able to produce this figure because we have systems in place that track warranty on the parts we sell.

Every evening our systems compare the number of succesful warranty cases for a part against the total sales for that part within a 12 month period. Doing this we are able to calculate the Quality (or Reliability) of a part, and we can therefore determine if it meets, exceeds or falls below our quality thresholds.

So if we have sold 100 Alternators and we report that 5 of these have failed, then thats 1 in 20, or rather a 95% Quality Index Rating.

What are our acceptable thresholds for quality?

Our target is always to try and achieve 99.9% Quality Index Rating across our range, but this has to be balanced with what the customer expects to be able to buy. For some low-cost aftermarket components, it's not always realistic to expect perfection and so we set the thresholds slightly lower than we would for our OE grade parts.

Thresholds range from 95% on select replacement parts up to 99.5% for our Premium Range (PR2) products. Across our range we have Average quality index of 99%

What if the quality index is significantly under the threshold?

If a product scores badly against the expected threshold, then it's our challenge to either seek the necessary quality improvements through the manufacturer or find an alternative source for the product. Failing that we may drop the product from the range and only offer the Genuine version of the product if one exists. Our teams are challenged to always push for better quality and for this to be reflected in our quality index.
If a product that has been selected for includion in the PR2 range drops below the acceptable threshold for a sustained period then it will be dropped from the PR2 range and it will not be eligible for inclusion again for a minimum of six months.

Why do we tell customers about it

It's all about allowing our customers to make informed decisions, in the same way that people use reviews to help steer their purchasing decisions, we want to give people an idea of the quality they can expect for the price they are paying for the part. We are the only supplier of 4x4 parts that does this, partly because we are the only supplier that can do this (due to the systems we have in place to constantly monitor the quality of our products) but also because we're the only supplier who truly embraces quality. It's the same reason why we offer Certificates of Conformance on our safety critical accessories - we trust in our systems and so trust in our products. Professional workshops recognise this too, which is why they choose our parts when quality is key.

How is Warranty Tracked

Allmakes 4x4 have a Warranty and Returns System buuilt into our online trading platform that allows customers to submit warranty cases. These cases are then put through an ISO9001 compliant system for processing the warranty claim. Our customers are updated at every stage of the process and the moment a claim has been successful we are able to include that in the calculation of the quality indexing which takes place every day.

As we track quality indexes over time, we are also able to assess whether overall quality is improving or decreasing and put in corrective and preventative measures accordingly.

What is PR2

PR2 are our elite products. In addition to other criteria mainly relating to supplier, packaging and product data, every product in this range must exceed a 99.5% Quality Index score and must qualify for inclusion over a minimum period of 6 months. So they must have achieved an index of 99.5% or more over a six month period to be considered for inclusion.

The only exceptions to this rule are where we introduce a product from an Original Equipment manufacturer. In this instance we assume PR2 inclusion from the start but we monitor the part in exactly the same way and to the same standards to ensure it performs as expected.

Allmakes 4x4 increase the warranty of parts in the PR2 range to 2 years to symbolise this quality, but the real benefit, as the professional workshop technicians will tell you, is that you get the peace of mind knowing that you are fitting the very best quality the aftermarket has to offer without paying main dealer prices.